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[PLUG] July 22 ACM Turing Lecture: “Abstractions, Their Algorithms, and Their Compilers” with Alfred Aho and Jeffrey Ullman

Online Lecture by Alfred Aho (the "A" in AWK) and Jeffrey Ullman; dinosaurs 
from the age when theory and hacking went hand in hand.

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A sampling of their books (others not close at hand)

	Aho, Kernighan, Weinberger	"The AWK Programming Language" (1988)

	Hopcroft & Ullman 	"Formal Languages and Their Relation to Automata" (1969)
					an easier introduction than Salomaa, Schützenberger, or Eilenberg

	Aho & Ullman 		"Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation" (1969)
					Lots of pictures of state machines..., no monoids explicitly, although implied.  
					Don't get me wrong, I _like_ category theory, but too often, the person blathering
					on about monoids or "homotopy type theory" is addressing the "in crowd", or just 
					sprinkling buzzwords. 
	Aho & Ullman		The "Dragon Book" aka "Principles of Compiler Design" (1977)

	Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman	"The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms" (1974)
					Thin, no Haskell, or even C or MMIX assembler for you to copy-paste. just 
					procedural pseudocode. Really good algorithms, some not included in fatter, 
					more recent textbooks. 
					You might emerge from this and not try a "join" on petabyte data

	Ullman			"Computational Aspects of VLSI" (1984)

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