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Re: [PLUG] slightly off topic, possible privacy issues with JavaScript

On 7/29/21 10:53 AM, Martin Cracauer via plug wrote:
Well, either way, the microphone should have a LED like the camera
does.  That would be an improvement.

And the LED should be in-line with the power circuit for the camera or
microphone, so that it is physically impossible to activate without
the LED turning on.  Right now it is a software-controlled LED, so as
soon as you are root you can watch/listen while keeping the LED off.

I'm not sure how that mixes with always-on microphones for today's
smartphone services ("OK Google" etc), but I would like to have an
option to turn that off in the first place.

Permissions for apps or websites are nice, but domain names and apps
get sold to bad actors, and that is not rare.  They can re-use
permissions given to the original good actor.  LED or nuffing.

Forget about the LED, I want a physical power switch for the camera and mic.  Some phones do have them, e.g.,

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