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[PLUG] malware, etc

DistroBox – Run Any Linux Distribution Inside Linux Terminal

Distrobox is a nifty tool that allows you to create and manage containers on your favorite Linux distribution using either Docker or Podman. The launched container becomes highly integrated with the host system and this allows sharing of the user’s HOME directory along with external storage, USB devices, and graphical applications.

Linux malware sees 35% growth during 2021

They wouldn't target linux if it wasn't getting popular.

GNOME Boxes review: no-frills and no-thrills desktop virtualization

Boxes is built on top of Linux’s excellent KVM+QEMU/libvirt virtualization stack. The app is intended for users who’re overwhelmed by such alphabet-soups and just want to run a visualized operating system.

3 tools for troubleshooting packet filtering

Use Nmap, Wireshark, and tcpdump to sniff out router problems on your network.

12 Best Practices for Writing Bash Scripts

#13 ask JP

Destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations

Serious Security: Linux full-disk encryption bug fixed – patch now!

Unfortunately, the cryptsetup program, widely used to manage Linux FDE in a way that addresses the questions above, turns out to have had a nasty bug, dubbed CVE-2021-4122, in a useful feature it offers called re-encryption.
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