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Re: [PLUG] I guess it is now online forever?

On Thu, Feb 15, 2024 at 11:21 PM Joe Rosato via plug
<> wrote:

Thanks for that - I haven't been paying much attention to things
beyond the Alumni mailings.  From the comments it sounds like they've
been having financial challenges for a few years.  Back when I went
there the amenities were pretty bare-bones - dorms, a cafeteria, and a
gym was about it outside of academics.  From the mailings it seemed
like they were trying to become more mainstream in terms of campus
experience/etc, which probably helped with marketing, but maybe they
ended up getting in trouble with costs.  It sounds like the
faculty/programs/etc moved to St Joe's, and now they're looking to
shut down the facilities.

That campus evolved quite a bit over time. 100 years ago around it was
fairly suburban, and I saw civil-war-era drawings of a field hospital
at Clark Park that featured rolling hills covered in grass.

I wouldn't be surprised if Penn buys some of those facilities, though
I suspect they'd reconstruct most of them.  The buildings are fairly
small and somebody with capital could probably get a lot more out of
the footprint building up.  That said, they're pretty far from most of
Penn, so I could see it being either a focus for some particular
program that needs more space, or maybe more auxiliary/housing/etc -
the Veterinary program is out in that general direction so maybe
they'd have some use for space.   It has been a while since I've been
down there - maybe I should drive by on a Sat afternoon and see what
it looks like now...

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