Michael C. Toren on Thu, 4 Jul 2002 14:45:09 -0400

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[tcptra-dev] ISDN sync-PPP interfaces

Dr. Peter Bieringer <pbieringer@aerasec.de> submitted a patch which adds
linklayer support to tcptraceroute for ISDN sync-PPP interfaces, by adding
the appropriate values to the datalinktypes structure.

At some point I'd like to create a tcptraceroute portability page, which
would include not only which operating systems, versions of libnet and
libpcap that have been tested successfully, but also which linklayers are
known to work.  I've only tested or heard of tcptraceroute being used
successfully over ethernet, PPP, and ISDN sync-PPP interfaces -- does
anyone else have any other linklayers available for testing?

--- tcptraceroute.c.orig	Wed Jul  3 13:49:47 2002
+++ tcptraceroute.c	Wed Jul  3 13:56:19 2002
@@ -243,6 +243,9 @@
 #ifdef DLT_PPP
 	{	DLT_PPP,			4,		"PPP"			},
+	{	DLT_LINUX_SLL,		16,		"PPP_HDLC"		},
 #ifdef DLT_SLIP
 	{	DLT_SLIP,			16,		"SLIP"			},