Michael C. Toren on Wed, 31 Jul 2002 00:48:07 -0400

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[tcptra-announce] tcptraceroute-1.4

tcptraceroute-1.4 was released earlier tonight, on July 30, 2002, and is now
available from <http://michael.toren.net/code/tcptraceroute/> in both source
and binary package form.  Changes from tcptraceroute-1.3 include a simple, but
important bug fix which prevented tcptraceroute-1.3 from operating over Linux
PPP interfaces, which tcptraceroute-1.2 was able to do.  Special thanks to
David Harris <eelf@sympatico.ca> for bringing this to my attention in Debian

Additionally, tcptraceroute-1.4 also includes new support for operating
over Linux ISDN Synchronous PPP interfaces, based on a patch submitted by
Dr. Peter Bieringer <pbieringer@aerasec.de>.

Thanks to all those who contributed, and beta test!  To anyone else would like
to help with future releases, please consider subscribing to the (low volume)
tcptraceroute-dev mailing list, at <http://lists.netisland.net/>.

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