Michael C. Toren on Mon, 26 May 2003 14:38:08 -0400

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Re: [tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute-1.5beta1

Joel wrote:
> I thought it would be prudent to forward a few comments from Jerry
> Talkington.  He has tcptraceroute v1.4 working on MacOS X.  He used the
> -DHASSALEN as a compilation option.  If you would like me to try
> anything related to this then just let me know.

Yes, tcptraceroute-1.4 defined HASSALEN if __OpenBSD__, __FreeBSD__, or
__bsdi__ was also defined, in a less than perfect attempt to use HASSALEN
on BSD systems.  However as of 1.5beta1, an autoconf test is now run to
determine if the socket structure contains a member named "sa_len", which
is much more reliable.  The debugging output you included in a subsequent
message indicates that it has indeed determined to use the sa_len structure
member on your system:

	debug: Using HAVE_SOCKADDR_SA_LEN method for finding addresses.

Jerry wrote:
> I haven't tried that version yet, but I just got the 1.4 version working
> by specifying -DHASSALEN on the command line.  I'm having the same
> problem, though, even when I try to access machines inside my
> firewall...

When you have some time, can you please try the current 1.5beta, and
include the output of "tcptraceroute -d <remote host>" on your system?

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