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Re: [tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute-1.5beta1


The point of the tcptraceroute exercise from work to home was to 
reverse the route from home to work step-by-step.

I reiterated the model of LinkSys router/firewall as I had typoed
it earlier.

I'll try the alternatives you and Charles mentioned, but what do
you think of my use of other IP addresses in my home-to-work ex-
ercise?  At one point it stops working, so why couldn't an up-
stream system be the issue and not my own router?


> > Just to be sure you have this straight...  The model of LinkSys
> > router/firewall is BEFSX41.
> Yup, I remember, thanks.  Unfortunately, I can't give you any specific
> advice in regard to this Linksys product, as I don't have any first hand
> experience with it.
> > Here's the output you want to see:
> > 
> >     # ./tcptraceroute
> >     Selected device en0, address, port 49223 for outgoing packets
> >     Tracing the path to ( on TCP port 80 (http), 30 hops max
> >      1  * * *
> [..]
> >     12 ( [open]  59.648 ms  60.121 ms  62.632 ms
> > I have the output for tcptraceroute -d below.  I did, however,
> > run the output through uniq to delete repeated cases of "debug: null pointer
> > from pcap-next()".  Here's the output:
> That's very interesting.  Based upon output of "tcptraceroute",
> "tcptraceroute -d", and upon the fact that a traditional
> traceroute is also not working for you, I would have to say that it appears
> as if your Linksys is blocking inbound ICMP time-exceeded messages, which
> are required for tcptraceroute to determine the IP address of each hop
> along the path to the destination.
> Would it be possible to reboot the Linksys device, as Charles suggested, or
> perhaps temporarily remove it from your network configuration and giving
> your MacOS X machine direct access to the internet?  Alternatively, as we
> know that tcptraceroute functions properly on your RedHat machine at work,
> it would be interesting to know weather or not tcptraceroute functions
> properly on a RedHat machine at home, going through the Linksys device as
> your MacOS X machine currently does.
> > Also, recall the traceroute I did from work to my home system:
> Thanks.  Unfortunately, due to the way in which traceroute operates, this
> doesn't provide us with many useful clues as to why outbound traceroutes
> from your home machine aren't working.  tracerouting in one direction is
> largely independent from tracerouting in the other direction.
> -mct
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