CIM Massy on 8 Feb 2005 13:16:53 -0000

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[tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute MinGW port : no network interface


I'm trying to run Gisle Vanem MinGW port of tcptraceroute and I have encountered errors that I don't understand. If you could gimme a hand... (I'm running W2K SP4).

C:\Tools\tcptraceroute>tcptraceroute.exe etf0375d 5700
libnet_init() failed: libnet_if_addr.c(): no network interface found

C:\Tools\tcptraceroute>tcptraceroute.exe etf0375d 5700 -i 0x1000003
libnet_init() failed: libnet_open_link(): Unable to open the driver, Error Code 0x0:
Opération réussie.

(where "Opération réussie." means "successful operation").

Note : you can find my MinGW port at the following address : (1.5beta6)

It's probably a very newbie question because I am very new to tcptraceroute and libnet.


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