CIM Massy on 8 Feb 2005 14:21:31 -0000

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Re: [tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute MinGW port : no network interface

CIM Massy a écrit :

Gisle Vanem a écrit :

"CIM Massy" wrote:

C:\Tools\tcptraceroute>tcptraceroute.exe etf0375d 5700
libnet_init() failed: libnet_if_addr.c(): no network interface found

I think you need to use the '-i' option. Make a .bat file with

set PCAP_DEVICE=\Device\NPF_{93380695-0E31-456C-9EB0-8802E111C09D}
tcptraceroute.exe -i %pcap_device% %1 %2 %3 %4

I still get :
libnet_init() failed: libnet_open_link(): Unable to open the driver, Error Code 0x0:
Opération réussie.

BTW, is it normal to have an error code equal to 0x0 ?

I read some docs and mailing lists about libpcap and found something here ( :
"nmap --win_trace --win_list_interfaces -vvvddd " should give ma a couple of interfaces

example of the mail :
***WinIP*** reading winpcap interface list
***WinIP*** init \Device\NPF_GenericNdisWanAdapter (ASCII)
pcap device: \Device\NPF_GenericNdisWanAdapter
***WinIP*** init \Device\NPF_{A5855BED-60A1-4362-B6E7-B518806D2622} (ASCII)
pcap device: \Device\NPF_{A5855BED-60A1-4362-B6E7-B518806D2622}
***WinIP*** init \Device\NPF_{0E44860A-D47A-4B9D-BE73-CBED7B78BA00} (ASCII)
pcap device: \Device\NPF_{0E44860A-D47A-4B9D-BE73-CBED7B78BA00}

but it just does not : here is what I get:
C:\Documents and Settings\cim\Desktop\nmap-3.81>nmap --win_trace --win_list_interfaces -vvvddd
***WinIP*** initializing if tables
***WinIP*** if tables complete :)
***WinIP*** trying to initialize winpcap 2.1
***WinIP*** winpcap present, dynamic linked to: WinPcap version 3.1 beta4 (packet.dll version 3, 1, 0, 24), based on libpcap version 0.8.3
***WinIP*** testing for raw sockets
***WinIP*** rawsock init failed
***WinIP*** reading winpcap interface list
***WinIP*** o.isr00t = 1
Available interfaces:

Name        Raw mode  IP
loopback0   none
eth0        none

I hope this is enough info to get me through it. Thanks.


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