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Re: When can you meet?

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 07:28:39AM -0500, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> I think a web forum is too ambitious of a plan at this stage. In fact,
> I believe the idea has been floated around PLUG before and rejected
> because there just wouldn't be enough participation, and PLUG is
> pretty huge as far as LUGs go.

It has been my experience that mailing lists and web forums don't generally
play well together.  However, what you may want to consider is a wiki where
information regarding potential meeting locations and topics can be shared
and documented for future use.  This seems to be working well for the newly
formed Philly on Rails group (phillyonrails.org), and would probably work
even better if the mailing list was automagically sent a diff when a wiki
page was updated.

> > Either case, I have purchased montcolug.org domainname and I'm
> > looking forward to working with bclug.org.  
> Sounds good. We can discuss things further once a skeleton site is off
> the ground.

Perhaps combine the two to form the Bucks/Montgomery County LUG, rather
than splinter further?  bmclug.org?


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