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Re: When can you meet?

"Michael C. Toren" <mct@toren.net> wrote:
> However, what you may want to consider is a wiki
> where
> information regarding potential meeting locations and topics can be shared
> and documented for future use.  This seems to be working well for the
> newly
> formed Philly on Rails group (phillyonrails.org), and would probably work
> even better if the mailing list was automagically sent a diff when a wiki
> page was updated.

That's a neat idea. But we'd have to see how it goes, there is nothing
worse than a dead wiki or forum on a website for killing interest for
random Joe who drops by the site to see if the group is active %)

I'm not sure how the mailing list update would work so that it was useful
and not annoying, but it's worth looking into.

> Perhaps combine the two to form the Bucks/Montgomery County LUG, rather
> than splinter further?  bmclug.org?

Henry Umansky bought buxmontlug.org, but there was much confusion as to
whether this would replace the existing bclug - or be seen as a competing
LUG and such. It was never fully discussed between Chuck and Henry.


Elizabeth A. Krumbach // Lyz@PrincessLeia.com

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