Thomas A. Lowery on 29 Nov 2005 12:49:41 -0000

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Open Office vs. ms word

Yesterday I was writing documentation for a project and decided to put Open Office (1.1.2) to the test on a ms word document template. The results where a disaster.

Initially I blamed OOo for skewing the format and miss numbering the outline, but I found when I opened the template in word some of the problems where still present. It appeared that OOo enhanced the formatting problems.

Aside from formatting issues, OOo reported no spelling errors when I ran the spell checker, even with misspelled words present in the document. Spell checker looked like it ran but just popped up a dialog stating "spell check complete".

In the end I abandoned the OOo version and recreated the document using word.

I remember discussion from the meeting that members have used OOo with word documents without problems. How did you verify format and presentation?


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