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Map of boot procedure

This is more of a general question but for me specifically applies to SUSE
10. Linux has gotten more complicated to understand with all of its
hardware detection. I would like to have a detailed technical map visual
and descriptive of exactly what happens at boot along with file names etc.

I have not been able to find this but maybe I am not looking in the right
places. It would be nice to find it in one place rather then having to
piece it together.

My reason for this is (1. I would just like to know and (2. It would help
me understand why things don't work as expected with some of my hardware.

In the old days of Linux when you had to manually do many things it was
more work but at least you knew what was happenning. That seems to have
slipped away a bit with the super deluxe, does everything, distributions.

This might be a good topic for a talk.


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