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Re: GCC Compilers

> Doug Crompton wrote:
> >My question is how does one install a compiler? Having never done that
> >except from a distribution disk do you get source and compile? With what
> >compiler? or get binaries... I have not found any that seem suitable. It
> before bed).  When you configure, give it a --prefix like 
> /usr/local/gcc3, then "make bootstrap" followed by "make install".  
> Then, you can add /usr/local/gcc3/bin to the front of your path whenever 
> you need the old compiler.
> Peace,
> Gary


  I hesitate to throw this in being a LOT less specific but...

has links to recipes all of which involve setting up GCC in
ways you don't see while simply playing with a distribution
like SuSE or Red Hat.  There is a lot to be learned by reading
them including cross compiling, compiling for an environment
with non standard paths, etc.  It's probably way more involved
than you want to get but worth mentioning.

                                         -bud [N3JQB]

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