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Re: GCC Compilers

Doug Crompton wrote:

My question is how does one install a compiler? Having never done that
except from a distribution disk do you get source and compile? With what
compiler? or get binaries... I have not found any that seem suitable. It

What I usually do is download it, untar it (tar xvjf filename), create a new directory, run the configure script from there... very similar to how anything else would be compiled. (If you're not sure how to do that, then I could write something more detailed, answering now just before bed). When you configure, give it a --prefix like /usr/local/gcc3, then "make bootstrap" followed by "make install". Then, you can add /usr/local/gcc3/bin to the front of your path whenever you need the old compiler.

Personally, when faced with similar situations, I've tried to patch the code to be happy with gcc4 -- usually with mixed results. 4 is VERY strict.

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