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Re: GCC Compilers

On Monday 19 December 2005 01:54 pm, Doug Crompton wrote:

> > > I presume that all I have to do is do a  export CC=  to return to the
> > > exclusive use of gcc4 when I am not needing gcc3.

> > Yes. Though if you're compiling libraries at all, you need to keep them
> > in a separate path for binary compatibility.

> Are you referring to gcc's libs or the libs created by the application I
> am compiling?

Anything your applications might be dynamically linked against. I'm not sure 
what libs gcc provides in that respect.

> Ok I suppose I did not do that as I just did a 'make install' of mpayer
> after build. Mplayer's libs would have gotten mixed in correct?? 

Yes. (Though mplayers libs will probably be specifc to mplayer so probably not 
a problem to other applications).

> What is the correct way to specify lib directory in a build. Is this a
> switch to ./configure or make install?

Usually to configure. (Whatever your install path is).

> I forget how does one specify lib path? 

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=path
the linker will also automatically look in whatever's specified 
in /etc/ and /lib:/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib.

> Would it ve safe to leave the path be both libs at all times?

Only if you've nothing that uses the gcc3 installed libs other than things 
compiled with gcc3. Otherwise the programs compiled against the gcc4 versions 
of the libs would fail.

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