Doug Crompton on 17 Dec 2005 15:35:15 -0000

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Re: GCC Compilers

On Sat, 17 Dec 2005, Lee Marzke wrote:

> Doug,
> About 4 years ago I was working on a Solaris box without root.  I needed
> GCC, and Solaris didn't have anything installed.
> Turns out you just get the GCC source distribution.  GCC then
> goes through a three step bootstrap process where it builds successively
> more complete versions of itself.  I then used the compiler to build
> the whole apache, php, postgresql, stack with all the needed libraries.
> Are you sure the Distribution media doesn't have GCC3 on it as an
> option, however ?   I would be surprised if the DVD didn't have it.
> Lee Marzke


 Well I already have a compiler (gcc4) so I just wondered what the
procedure was to get and install an additional compiler. I know how to
compile. My concern was how do you get and install an older compiler given
that you have a newer one. So does this three step process take place when
you already have a compiler installed?

I did check the distro DVD. It does not show up in the installable
packages. I did not look directly on the DVD. It might be that Novell did
not want to cause themselves problems with people who installed the older
gcc and then compiled the kernel or mixed and matched things and then
wanted support.


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