Doug Crompton on 17 Dec 2005 15:47:20 -0000

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Re: Map of boot procedure

On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 wrote:

> I don't use suse, I have fedora. Maybe your talking about dmesg? I don't
> know if your distro has dmesg but thats what i look at when i wanna see
> whats goin on at boot. Additionally, i wasn't around in the old days, I've
> only been a linux head for a couple years now, so i have nothing to
> compare what you mean with what i mean.

dmesg gives a good deal of info but it does not describe how it boot but
rather what it boots and the messages those modules return. I meant a
description or block diagram of what directories and files are being
looked at and procedures are run to get the information to boot.

This comes up because of the failure of my system to load modules at boot
that it should and my exasperation in trying to find out why and get it to
work. If I understood the process a little better it might help.

There is probably a good book on this I just have not come across it yet.
When I started out with Slackware 10 years ago it was easier to
understand. I least I thought it was. Maybe I am getting older!


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