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Re: list question???

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Doug Crompton wrote:

> I suppose this list is just a subset of the PLUG list?

This list is not affiliated with the plug list in any way, other than most
of the members here are also on the plug list.

> I seem to not be able to get answers to serious questions over there while
> they seem to have plenty of time talking about nonsense. 

Maybe no one knows the answers to your questions. I do not or I would have 
answered you. I agree with you about the nonsense part though.

> I was looking for a more technical group that took peoples questions
> seriously.

My experience is with Red Hat/Fedora. As a result I know nothing about SUSE
specific things. I too prefer the technical discussions but alas I do not think
the majority of the members here have the experience necessary to be able to
answer questions about compilers. I have been doing sysadmin things for over 10
years. I can build most programs I set out to build but when it comes to
compiler specific questions I am clueless.

I always use whatever the distro ships. Years ago, I messed around with alternate
compilers but it was just too painful for me. 

> I really don't care much where it is located. I see there are over 300 listed
> groups in the US. Anyone have any preferences?

When you find one please share the wealth. :-)

Personally I find the best technical discussions occur on the distro specific
lists. Especially the lists that end with -devel. The problem is you need to
ask questions that are on topic for the list or you will either be ignored or
told to go to a different list. Right or wrong, the developers seem to have a
very low tolerance for actual user questions unless you are testing something
they happen to be working on.

The Enterprise support lists are also good places to get technical questions
answered but again you need to stay on topic. 

I can provide links to Red Hat/Fedora/Centos related lists if anyone is
interested but I do not know about SUSE.

Have you tried any of the SUSE support lists?? Have you tried IRC??


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