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Re: AMPR (was meeting)

Trying to keep it on topic for Linux I did some clicking around on
the TAPR site and found things pretty dismal.  Of course there is the 
ax.25 stuff in the kernel.  I also saw an mheard for gnome.

Searching the web however yielded lots of goodies.
The top hit for [linux ham radio] was:
which showed a knoppix for hams link.

As for hardware I saw this at under the amateur radio link:

 9600/1200bps TNC with GPS, 100K MailDrop, w/demo packet and GPS software

Not what I'd call inexpensive...

On a hunch I googled [TNC sound card] and found this:

Which looks like a M$ program.  But, Hey if they can do it so can we.  :-)

Adding linux to the mix, [TNC sound card linux], I found this:

> Sounds good. Maybe an evening. Mon thru Wed is usually always good for me.
> First and third thurs. I have meetings.

Henry, what's good for you?  I just finished up two projects
and am free for the first time in a couple years.

> > In regards to Henry's original question, the Tucson Amateur
> > Packet Radio Group has been the place for cheap kits since
> > way back when.
> >
> > Is a link for the TNC-2 kit.

> The TNC2 hardware is not really available anymore except used. There are
> only a couple of US companies making amateur TNC's anymore.

This idea of using the sound hardware might have killed dedicated hardware
solutions for TNCs.

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