Lee Marzke on 25 Apr 2006 02:04:21 -0000

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Re: May meeting ideas


Looking forward to seeing everyone again. I'm giving the PLUG west talk the following Thursday
on Asterisk and Asterisk@Home so I'd rather just listen.

I live 1 exit east of Royersford ( Collegeville ) and can offer my place for the meeting. I have
a large finished basement, WiFi, and wet bar. ( I'm still unemployed so I'd have to ask
others to bring the food, beer, snacks. )

If people are interested they can can give my A@H system a workout on a hardphone or
a softphone on your laptop. Free US48 calls for the evening to stress the system.

Lee Marzke

Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
After skipping the March meeting, May is coming up and I'd like to arrange
someone for Monday, May 15th. We have a couple options:

1. Meet at someone's house (Jesus was an excellent host if he'd be willing
to host again I think it would work out nicely).

If we meet at a house I'd like to have someone make an informal
presentation. It can be short, just talk about something you've been
interested in lately. Our meetings have been relatively small (fewer than
10 people) so it wouldn't be something to stress out over. Volunteers?

2. Meet at the Sly Fox Brewery in Royersford

The Sly Fox in Royersford is right off of 422 (Royersford exit) and they
offer free Wifi (affectionately called SlyFi). I'm not sure if this is too
far for people to travel for an evening of Linux talk and beer, please let
me know. It would be possible to get a room there if enough people are
interested, but we'd probably just call ahead and get a big table. This
would be more informal than the first meeting suggestion, just chatting
about Linux stuff and perhaps doing a key-signing.



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