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Re: Change In Venue Time

Quoting goossbears (acohen36@gmail.com):

> Among the most significant renovations the owners made during the 
> last couple of months that have significantly affected our BerkeleyLUG 
> meetups were their adding more TV screens around the restuarant, adding 
> more TV speakers all around the place routinely blaring televised sports, 
> and making enough structural renovations to the place (e.g., raising the 
> ceiling) so that the televised sports sounds heavily reverberate all around 
> the place. 

Aw, man, that _so_ majorly sucks -- and I've seen it happen to LUGs
before, e.g., a LUG in Santa Cruz kept needing to give up on otherwise
attractive venues because management would not reduce the imported (TV or
music) noise level _anywhere_ on the premises sufficient for reasonable
conversation.  (And then a couple more places where that wasn't yet the
case started doing karaoke.)

The rationale for 85c Bakery seems impeccable.

I assume Au Coquelet Cafe, 2000 University Avenue
between Milvia and Shattuck, was considered and found wanting?  It's
been a very long time since I checked the place, but it's where Berkeley
Unix User Group met (and possibly still does).


(Above is not a recommendation, exactly, just throwing out a place a
group has used.)

Cheers,                                 Harahefet sh'eli mele'ah betzlofahim.
Rick Moen
McQ!  (4x80)

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