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Re: Linux for dummies, ThinkPad Lenovo, Linux install, email, etc.

This site is dedicated to using Linux with thinkpads:
There is a section for installation.

On 04/23/2018 09:07 PM, Michael Paoli wrote:
> Ilsa,
> Well, good to hear from you, but wow, ... some useful - and interesting
> points ...
> Does help to update Subject: header as to be reasonably relevant.
> E.g. you sent an email to the Berkeley Linux Users Group,
> but with subject having to do with BALUG - which is the
> Bay Area Linux Users Group - that's a totally different (Linux) User
> Group,
> and mostly about a specific meeting of theirs.  Folks might see a Subject
> like that and ignore and not open the email if it's a topic not of
> interest
> to them.  Also, appears the email was sent before that particular
> meeting,
> but arrived after it - and as the meeting date was also in the Subject,
> folks might've been even more likely to ignore it, as something
> already in
> the past.
> So, okay, Lenovo Thinkpad ... it would be good to post to list the
> relevant information, e.g. make (which you covered), but also model,
> and hopefully also with some relevant specifications, e.g.
> size of drive, total RAM, what CPU (that may also be determined from
> the model - at least if the CPU hasn't been upgraded).  I think also,
> on Lenovo Thinkpads, like IBM Thinkpads before them, it's good to be as
> specific as feasible on the model.  E.g. I have a quite old IBM
> Thinkpad:
> IBM ThinkPad T40p TYPE 2373-G1U
> It's commonly known as "T40p" - but that's actually a series of models,
> with somewhat varying specifications, whereas the 2373-G1U is the
> specific
> model that comes (pre-)configured with a specific set of options and
> specifications.  By carefully looking at the information on the computer,
> typically near the serial number, there is generally some other
> identifiers
> that give the "model" number - though some manufacturers may use slightly
> different terms for that - but it's usually closely located to the serial
> number and generally similarly marked, ... so on ye olde IBM ThinkPad,
> it was (at least for the exact model I had) "TYPE 2373-G1U".  Anyway, if
> folks know the make/model(/specifications), folks can better
> determine or even start to guestimate what distributions/configurations
> could actually run on such hardware, to those that are likely to perform
> reasonably and continue to do so and be supported for some fair time
> into the future.
> Also, as some(/many) folks will often point out, good to know the
> objectives.
> E.g. what is one trying to achieve, what does one want to do with/on it.
> Such information can well help folks hone in on what distribution(s) and
> versions might be best suited for a particular use case scenario.  Also
> including information such as what the user(s) are already more/most
> familiar with and how (not so?) easily they may be able to deal with
> how much change from what they're used to, can also be relevant.
> Anyway, the Berkeley Linux User Groups (BerkeleyLUG) may be most
> conveniently located to you (at least if I'm guessing correctly on
> where you reside).  The Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG), however,
> meets in San Francisco, and also generally doesn't have convenient (or
> even
> necessarily any) access to AC power and/or networking - so that may
> not be
> a convenient location nor a handy one for doing Linux installs (but might
> be fine for picking up an ISO image - particularly if one has determined
> in advance what's needed, and communicated the information in advance so
> person(s) may have such image(s) on hand on suitable media at the
> meeting).
> Of course can also generally likewise get ISO(s) at BerkeleyLUG meetings.
> Anyway, by providing both hardware specifications, and use case
> information,
> folks can much better determine what may be a good/best fit - without
> that
> information, dear knows what's most appropriate, or would even work at
> all.
> And, interestingly, your email took a *long* time to get to me - and I'm
> presuming most (or all) others too.  From what I see, that would also
> seem
> to be a Google booboo - and not at all your fault - at least as far as
> I can see.
> Anyway, for some of the more nerdly folks, here's a relevant bit of
> that from
> the original headers of your posting (at least as I received them):
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>> From: ilsa <ilsa.bartlett@gmail.com>
>> Subject: Re: BALUG: meeting TOMORROW!: Tu 2018-04-17; & other BALUG News
>> Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 18:02:47 +0000
>> Good afternoon
>> I'm still trying to figure out a way to do Linux for dummies
>> A couple of days ago I got a ThinkPad Lenovo and it's ready for a
>> form of
>> Linux that an interested ordinary person could use so let's be in touch
>> I'm really glad that this happened that I have the ThinkPad and I can
>> just
>> load it up and start using it without any problems it's a new to me used
>> computer and it seems just perfect so I'm hopeful that somebody in the
>> group will be interested in telling me where to come and what to do
>> to get
>> this ThinkPad fueled up and sent on its wonderful Adventure
>> Thank you very much I'll look forward to seeing you soon
>> With much gratitude and respect
>> ilsa
>> On Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 12:43 AM Michael Paoli
>> <Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu>
>> wrote:
>>> BALUG: meeting TOMORROW!: Tu 2018-04-17; & other BALUG News

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