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Re: BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2019-02-10

Quoting tom r lopes (tomrlopes@gmail.com):

> The PCI-e is on the 24 pin header.  I don't see any info yet on how to
> interface with that.
> But the manufacturer has made a prototype SATA hat that connects to that
> header.
> http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_M4_SATA_HAT

Yeah, and, honestly?  I hadn't really looked at the hardware description
very carefully at all.  You're probably much better informed on the
matter than I'm likely to be.

> I am wondering if you could just solder a nvme to those pins instead.
> Though that SATA
> hat would maybe make this into a small NAS.

You wouldn't want to literally solder.  What would be ideal would be to
find or make something that would plug onto that 24-pin header and
provide an actual PCIe socket, or M.2, or something like that.  Maybe
they already provide one, and I'm just not finding it on their Web site
quickly.  Or, it's possible I'm not fully understanding the problem, as
lots of details of these itty-bitty systems are still new to me.

> Another issue is that it is powered via the USB-C port but it is not
> compliant (i.e. it does not communicate power requirements to the usb
> c power supply.)

Just a hunch:  You'll want to be careful with what associated hardware
you supply power to the NanoPi M4, and also supplying power from the
NanoPi M4 to things ganged off it.  I hear a lot of horror stories about
burned-out equipment -- and USC-C has made this concern worse rather
than better.

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