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Re: Printing as an example: has embrace and extend accomplished it's objectives?

From: Alan <lngndvs@gmail.com>
Subject: Printing as an example: has embrace and extend accomplished it's objectives?
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2019 15:56:46 -0700 (PDT)

Any thoughts?   What can I do, as a mere "user"?

Well, I was inclined to say ... and still relevant, ...
file good bug report(s).

Rick addressed many of the relevant points, bug good bug reports,
or even more generally, providing the relevant technical information
about the issue to the appropriate "forum" or the like is quite useful.

"I have a problems with 'X'", with zero to negligible detail is
(next to) useless.  I mean, I inferred what from your post ...
something about some printing issue(s), something about some more general
dissatisfaction(s) ... as to distribution, version, printer make and
model, the diagnostic, and how one has it presently configured - or if
that's even still relevant ... I think about none of that information was
provided, so, ... folks that might otherwise know or provide useful
information regarding such, can supply about none in return.

Not that it's entirely useless to occasionally "vent" and talk about
(much) more general issues, ... but that's not nearly as useful to
solving a specific issue at hand (or even knowing if such still exists?).

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