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Re: One off Pi Day

Also, posted notice of the One-off Pi Day on Mastodon at https://fosstodon.org/@aaronco36/102783211989286089/
and submitted to the BerkeleyLUG site https://berkeleylug.com/ earlier this morning the post 'One-off Pi Day and Search for new locale'

Hope that this helps!

Apparently, that new post went by default to https://berkeleylug.wordpress.com , so am unsure if/when it'll appear there rather than on Michael P's "new" balug (BALUG.org) virtual machine
host for https://berkeleylug.com -- note the additional "wordpress" text sandwiched between "berkeleylug." and ".com" in just the "old" site.
Here is my post from this morning, just in case the WordPress people (via https://berkeleylug.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/one-off-pi-day-and-search-for-new-locale/ ) or Michael P somehow aren't able to get it out fairly soon ...

Aaro, have you doublecheeked berkeleylug.<wordpress>.com page to see if iz there???

Yep, https://berkeleylug.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/one-off-pi-day-and-search-for-new-locale/ shows that it posted perfectly, thanks :-)
A few of us will just have to be more careful make sure to specify https://berkeleylug.wordpress.com until whenever....

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