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Some of us here already, have ample space, AC Poser, Wi-Fi, Internet*, ...

Some of us here already,
have quite ample space, AC power, Wi-Fi, Internet*
*IPv4, but no IPv6** from the venue's complimentary Wi-Fi
**might be within range of other Wi-Fi with free complimentary IPv6 also.

And yes, earlier start for this venue seems better for BerkeleyLUG -
not too crowded at all - thus far, ... at least so long as we meet
here, during the Cal academic year while classes are in session,
finals week, etc., we may do best with the at least somewhat earlier
start time for here.

$ TZ=GMT0 date -Iseconds && TZ=US/Pacific date -Iseconds && curl https://www.ipv4.balug.org/myip https://www.ipv6.balug.org/myip 2>>/dev/null

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