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Re: Find something in the street and plug it in.

Quoting tom r lopes (tomrlopes@gmail.com):

> Not quite plug it in but a day or so ago I found a little device on
> the sidewalk.  A 2x2x3/4 in plastic box with an LED and text: REMOTE
> SENSOR 433 MHz Wireless.  

And _you can trust_ random electronic devices you find on the sidewalk
to be what the labeling claims them to be -- except when you should not 
trust them at all.  Which is, actually, pretty much all the time.  ;->

Web search for 'evil maid attack' for reasons why you should probably
think once, think twice, think three times before plugging unknown USB
device into any computer you care about.  Or start here:
Basically, the big problem with USB is that, by design, it's something
of a Wild West where devices can and do lie about what they are and what
they're about to do.  And it's difficult to prevent that, though there
are some partial add-on solutions, e.g.:

Nonetheless, have fun with the nifty dongle!

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