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Re: Find something in the street and plug it in.

I wrote:

> Web search for 'evil maid attack' for reasons why you should probably
> think once, think twice, think three times before plugging unknown USB
> device into any computer you care about.  Or start here:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_maid_attack
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juice_jacking#Mitigation

On closer examination, the first of those two links doesn't appear to
really address the USB part of this problem at all, and I'm not sure
offhand what's a better link about the general USB problem, though Qubes
OS's page is one starting point:


And the 'BadUSB' pages:
https://opensource.srlabs.de/projects/badusb  (see link 'Introductory
blog post' in particular)

The crux of the problem is that any USB device, if so reprogrammed by a
hostile party, can suddenly start acting like a different USB device
class than it appears to be, and taking actions hostile to the
adminstrator.  I believe I've seen a few stabs at a hardware
countermeasure like a dongle you interpose between your computer's USB
port and an outboard device.  You set a control on the dongle to permit,
say, only USB HID-class (human interface device, such as keyboard and
mouse) operations.  If the device attempts to suddenly say to the host
computer 'OK, I'm actually a mountable mass storage device', the dongle
intercepts that USB instruction and doesn't allow it through.  Likewise
if it's supposed to be a scanner, just a USB cable, etc., but upon
connection it says the host computer 'Actually, I'm an HID-class
device.'  But I cannot remember where I saw that implemented, or
(actually) if I merely saw the idea discussed but not yet implemented.

To keep informed on these sorts of things, I recommend following Brian
Krebs's 'Krebs on Security' and Bruce Schneier's blog.

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