Erin Mulder on Mon Oct 10 13:04:11 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Welcome!

Chris Braddock wrote:
>> For the beginner session this time, what would you think of having a
>> walkthrough of the Ruby/Rails install process on Windows, Mac OS X,
>> and Linux?  Is that *too* beginner?
> Here's a good Windows walkthrough.

I just recently set up an OS X (Tiger) ruby environment like this:

 1. curl -O;
 2. sh
 3. sudo gem install rails
 4. Downloaded latest MySQL binary from
 5. Installed MySQL
 6. Made sure MySQL stuff was on my path
 7. Downloaded ruby mysql source from
 8. Expanded archive and navigated to its main directory
 9. ruby extconf.rb --with-mysql-config
 10. sudo make install

The only thing that gave me trouble was skipping step 6, which caused
step 9 to blow up on me.

The instructions above are loosely based on:

I'll put them up on our wiki once that's available, though feel free to
point out any parts that I've overcomplicated.

On Linux (SuSE 9.x) I've never had any trouble.  I haven't had to
reinstall in a while, so I don't remember my exact steps, but I think I
usually just:

 1. Grab and install the latest ruby rpm
 2. Grab and install the latest rubygems rpm
 3. sudo gem install rails

I have a vague memory of doing something MySQL related during my first
Linux rails install (and that I needed to have the mysql-devel package),
but I'm not sure I had to do that when I installed the latest ruby/rails
on SuSE 9.3.