Erin Mulder on Mon Oct 10 10:48:45 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Welcome!

Ron Lusk wrote:
> I have a couple of applications running on Apache 2.0 + FastCGI, using
> Switchtower for deployment.  (Host is running SuSE Linux Enterprise
> Server 9.0.) Rather than devoting a whole [virtual] host to one app, I
> deployed them using links in the document root, so it is not quite the
> ordinary Rails/Switchtower deployment.  If no one else has a more useful
> example, I can document this one.

That would be great.  When I get some time, I may just convert the site
to a wiki so that we can all add content and maintain it together.  If
nothing else, it will be a convenient way to update a calendar of events.

(Sorry to say that I'll probably go with MoinMoin over Instiki based on
features.  I don't know why Instiki doesn't have a preview option, but
it's pretty annoying.  "Continuous Revision" isn't quite the same since
it still lets you accidentally deface the page during the editing process.)