Erin Mulder on Tue Oct 25 10:31:17 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Discount for Pragmatic Programmer books

  • From: (Erin Mulder)
  • Subject: [PhillyOnRails] Discount for Pragmatic Programmer books
  • Date: Tue Oct 25 10:31:17 2005

FYI, I just signed us up for the Pragmatic Programmer user group
program, so we now get a 20% discount on all of their titles, using this

(That's quite a mouthful, so hopefully, the PHILLY_RAILS_UG coupon code
will also work.)

If you haven't yet, grab the PDF+Print combo packs of:

  Programming Ruby, 2nd Ed. ("The Pickaxe Book")

  Agile Web Development with Rails ("The Rails Book")

They're basically the definitive guides to Ruby and Rails, and the PDFs
are great to have around for reference.

(FYI, if you decide you don't want the PDF, then it may be cheaper to
order discounted copies at Amazon or BookPool.)


PS. Keep those RSVPs coming!  I'm going to have Rails T-Shirts and other
great goodies to give away. :)