Erin Mulder on 4 Nov 2005 06:59:09 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] November Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the November meeting, and thanks to Ron
Lusk for a great presentation on SwitchTower!  We had about 40 people,
and there was a lot of wonderful conversation throughout the evening
(long past the end of the meeting).

I've posted the slides for both presentations on the wiki at:

A few organizational issues that came up during the break:

 * We need a sponsor for the December meeting
 * We need volunteers to speak
 * We need topic suggestions
 * Perhaps we should hold some meetings in Center City too
 * We're going to move the meeting to 7pm instead of 6pm
 * We're going to move to first Tuesdays to avoid the PLUG
 * It would be great to launch some group projects
 * Erin would welcome help with admin-type stuff

If you have ideas about sponsors, or if you're interested in speaking or
helping organize, please email me.  Otherwise, send all ideas about
topics, locations, times, projects, etc. to the list.

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