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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Textmate


TextMate is second to none for Rails projects.  In the way of pre-recorded macros, you're out of luck, though TextMate has excellent macro support.  Ruby source, rhtml, css, whatever are also well supported via syntax hilighting and such.

The main seller (I've found) has been the folder naviagation drawer.  When working on a rails project, I've found this to be the hands-down best way to get around your project quickly.  Its only something like $10-$20, and I'd highly recommend if doing anything Rails.


On 1/4/06, Jason Lenhart <> wrote:

I have a friend that would like a website for his
company ... so I thought, what a great opportunity to
work with Ruby on Rails.  Based on some of the
tutorials I saw on - I started working on
the site - then quickly decided to buy the Agile Dev
book that is recommended.  Anyway, I am so new to this
and sort of seeing what works and what breaks.

I attended the first meeting of the users group, Erin
had me sold :)

I am one of those crazy mac people - I started using
RadRails - due to having a cvs repository.  Looks like
there is a strong following around TextMate.  I am not
familiar with this editor - I know it is all
preference - but, are there macros/scripts that are
for RoR developers?

Thanks in advance,


Yahoo! DSL – Something to write home about.
Just $16.99/mo. or less.

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