Eric Snyder on 31 Jan 2006 18:30:08 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Next Meeting

You may have noticed that the next meeting has not yet been scheduled. Unfortunately Erin Mulder was sick and was understandably not able to organize a meeting for January. Fortunately Erin is feeling better and I'm sure we're all eager to get together again.

I will be presenting on RJS templates. Here a snippet from the RDoc describing this new feature:

"Unlike conventional templates which are used to render the results of an action, these templates generate instructions on how to modify an already rendered page. This makes it easy to modify multiple elements on your page in one declarative Ajax response. Actions with these templates are called in the background with Ajax and make updates to the page where the request originated from."

We are still searching for a second speaker. Here's a chance to talk about your favorite Rails topic. Don't be shy, we're a friendly group. If you would like to speak at the next meeting or one further in the future just post to the list.
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