Toby DiPasquale on 1 Nov 2006 13:24:34 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Pub Night?

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 09:43:02PM -0500, Mat Schaffer wrote:
> Hey there's always next time.
> FYI for people who already added their name to the wiki:
> I updated the schedule suggestion to mark the start time as 7pm.   
> Again, I'm just mirroring the Toronto time.  Hopefully we'll have  
> enough people that showing up a little early/late won't be a problem.
> 3rd monday is looking like the clear winner so far, anyone interested  
> please add your name to a preferred location if you have one.
> I've only ever been to Chaucer's myself, so I'll back that choice.   
> I'd like to call the location to warn them on 10/6, so get your votes  
> in soon.

One should note, however, that next month, the third Monday will be a
difficult day to arrange a pub night. I am in favor of this day in
general, but Christmas falls on the third Monday of December this year.
Just noting.

Toby DiPasquale
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