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Re: [PhillyOnRails] mongrel instance management

Indeed, I've thought of the whole MySQL shitting the bed
or not coming up thing.   I'm on the fence about that.  We've
got monitoring to alert us when it's not up.  But there would
be some opportunity for users to get yucky messages in the
event it MySQL did go down.

I guess I was just wondering if anyone had actually been though
this exercise before.  From what I've been reading more people
are looking to scale a single app over several machines (and
thus instances of mongrel) rather than what I'm doing.

I like the idea of the MySQL based registry because I see it growing
into a rails oriented hosting control panel that could stop/ start
mongrel instances on behalf of users from another rails app.

Thanks for the feedback, I guess I still have some thinking and
risk consideration to engage in before I figure out just what I'm
going to do.


Darian Anthony Patrick wrote:
> A MySQL dependent solution would mean that if MySQL didn't start for
> some reason, your applications would never have the chance to present a
> friendly error message to your users, as the apps themselves wouldn't
> have started.
> Perhaps a YAML or sqlite based solution, or just a plain old shell
> script that invokes your mongrels.
> Andrew Libby wrote:
>> Hey Folks,
>> I'm new 'round here and am in need of a solution for managing
>> multiple instances of mongrel on a single machine.  We've got
>> a bunch of sites running mongrel, and I don't really think a
>> start/ stop script in /etc/rc3.d, etc is the right way to
>> manage this.  Anyone gotten into this before?  If so what have
>> you done?
>> I'm leaning towards a registry of instances backed by MySQL that
>> will start and stop all of the instances at system boot and shutdown.
>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks.
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