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Re: [PhillyOnRails] apartments in the city?

My 2¢

Univ City is indeed great and my neighborhood, if you like to stay close to home, that is. There is a movie theater, bowling alley, supermarkets, lots of different places to eat (one of the best BYOB in the city is @ 45th and Larchwood, IMHO) and a plethora of neighborhood bars most of which are all owned by Ethiopians (a typical West Philly/Univ City-ism)

Having said that, if you are a Modest MOuse fanboy (e.g. younger and love good beer and the night out on the town more than once in a while), northern liberties is also a good place to be, but out of the way from most other parts of center city. For instance it takes about 20 minutes from Univ City to get there by car.

If you want in the city the best place would be just south of rittenhouse square, (e.g. 22nd to 18th, Walnut to Kater). as you get nice restaurants, nice bars of all types, quiet residential streets, easy bike rides to the rest of the city, but parking is a problem. Or Bela Vista, just south of south street on the east side of broad (east of the Italian market) has the same pluses and minuses.

Art Museum area (e.g. Fairmount), I think is overpriced for what it is, but (disclaimer) I have never lived there.

The philadelphia weekly (comes out Wednesdays) is historically the best place to look for apt listings.
Good luck!

On 5/23/07, Evan Weaver < > wrote:
Very good to know. I'll add University City to my Craigslist searches. :)

I live in pretty shitty student housing in Newark, DE, right now, and
don't want to continue anymore since I have a good job. But I am
definitely open to a bohemian atmosphere.

The place would be for me and my girlfriend both.



On 5/23/07, John-Scott Atlakson < > wrote:
> 'Nicest' is pretty subjective, but you certainly picked out the most
> expensive spots in Center City ;)
> I'm squeeking by on non-profit wages so I don't have clue how to get into
> one of those apartments.
>  I've lived in a couple of different spots in West Philly/University City,
> just west of Penn's campus and enjoyed the quiet tree-lined streets. It
> wasn't too hard to find affordable apartments (on my then full-time student
> budget) and I liked the people which are mostly in their 20's - 30's, made
> up of families, artists and musicians. And it's a super quick trolley or
> bike ride to Center City. For the moment, I'm stuck on filthy Snyder Ave in
> South Philly while I finish up a sublet but if I decide to stay in Philly,
> I'll probably move back to West Philly. But that's just my idea of 'nice'.
> Good luck,
> John-Scott
> On 5/23/07, Evan Weaver <> wrote:
> >
> > Hey all,
> >
> > I'm looking for a 1 bedroom with den, or 2 bedroom apt. near
> > Rittenhouse square or Society Hill... I guess (I'm moving up from
> > Wilmington, DE). Anyone have tips? What are the nicest areas of the
> > city?
> >
> > Thanks much
> >
> > Evan
> >
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