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Re: [PhillyOnRails] apartments in the city?

IMHO, for its variety of resturaunts, easy access to i95/del ave and the lovely neighborhood, nothing beats QV/BV (queen village/bella vista.) It is more houses than apartments, quite clean, and the only bad thing is South St itself, but I'd rather deal with that crowd than being held up.

G-Ho would be my second choice, but sirens and all that harsh my mellow.

University City crime and attitude is not fun
True west philly is not accessible to downtown.
Society Hill / Old City is nice, but $$
Chinatown does have a lot of massage parlors, but rent can be cheap for how centrally located you are
No-libs, way overpriced for the aesthetics (you're just paying to be trendy)
Fishtown - there are some nice parts, but overall it is filthy like south philly
South philly - i wouldnt reccomend it to anyone who hasnt lived in philly before. while it is the most "neighborhood"-ly part of town, there are distinct cultural attitudes that can be hard to adjust to (like kids walking out of 7-11, and throwing trash on the ground, next to the trash can, and then threatening you if you mention their snobbishness...the pervasive "i know a guy".. et cetera)
Art Museum - nice, but kind of an older crowd
Brewerytown - Up and coming art-museum wannabe. Not worth the $ to be afraid to have your gf walk home alone at night from being out on the town with her friends.

For more info, check out phillyblog

Aaron Blohowiak

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