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Re: [PhillyOnRails] jruby question

As far as I know ruby -> bytecode compilation isn't quite "there" yet. However, if you're really paranoid and feel like digging into the jruby interpreter, it is possible to serialize the AST of a program. This serialized AST could then be encrypted and then decrypted where you deploy the code. But in all honesty, that sounds more than a little pointless since somewhere someone is gonna wanna run the code and have access to an AST.

The best way to keep your source code safe is to not give it to anyone and leave it on a server. If you must distribute I know there are some rails packaging tools out there that might be a better fit. Not sure if any of them support obfuscation, though.

Michael Bevilacqua-Linn wrote:
They way I understand it, the standalone war will package up your rails directory structure, along with Jruby, the rails libraries, and some other magic stuff that makes it work.

But since war files are just zip files with metadata in special places, you can open it up yourself and poke around.


    I don't come from a Java background, so I'm curious to see what
    deployment options JRuby brings to Rails.  Can anyone tell me if
    packaging a Rails app into a WAR file or JAR (if that's even
    supported) gives my source code any reasonable safety from prying
    eyes?  Is a WAR file only going to compress and package the Rails
    app, or are we packaging intermediate or byte code that would make it
    (a little) harder to view my apps source code?  I'm curious because I
    heard the news that ThoughWorks recently started distributing an
    Rails app for JRuby.

    Thanks --flinn
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