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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Bubble Bee

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I think MLB was the closest...

Bubble bee is a little side project that grew out of a need PLUG had
where they were having issues finding speakers. I started thinking
that it nice if there was an easy way to see what other groups in you
area were doing and to possibly get speakers from those groups to come
to your group. For instance, there may be topics presented to PLUG
that are relevant to Rails users and vise versa. It was originally
targeted to Open Source Software Groups but then I realized that that
might be too constricting...for example, if the rails group wanted a
speaker to come talk about progressive enhancement.

So essentially, it is upcoming or meetup with a twist that consists of
making it easier to "cross-pollinate" by getting speakers to give good
talks to more than one kind of group and also have mixed events where
more than one group gets together to hear presentations from several
groups about a common topic.

There are a couple of key features:
*Aggregated ical feed of all of the events of all of the groups you
belong to (because I hate going to different websites to add them to
my calendar myself)
*Browse through presentations to other groups and suggest or invite
them to your group
*Organize Town Hall meetings

Along with some of the assumed features:
*exportable RSVP list
*Add/edit groups, sponsors, meeting locations
*Add/edit/delete events/segments

I was originally going to release it June 1 in all of it's drabness,
but then I hired a graphics guy so we are going to spend another month
or two polishing it up and playing with some ideas. The first version
is going to have zero ajaxy goodness because I really want to get
something out there that works and then keep refining it or even
change directions some if people use it differently than what I

Any feedback would be appreciated :-)


On 5/24/07, Flinn Mueller <theflinnster@gmail.com> wrote:
That was far too elaborate to be a joke :-D

On May 24, 2007, at 5:27 PM, Cliff Moon wrote:

> You fools.  It's obviously a solution to the worldwide shortage of
> honey bees.  Since colony collapse disorder will render us without
> two thirds of our food supply soon, we will have take on the
> responsibility of the bees if we are to survive.
> So you log in and earn "nectar" for every plant you report
> successfully pollinating by hand.  At the end of the season your
> "nectar" is converted into "honey" which is then put into your
> personal "comb".  Once you've gathered enough "honey" in your
> "comb" you can start recruiting "larvae" whom will help you by
> donating back some of their "nectar" to be converted into your
> "honey".  And of course once the food supply collapses, all of that
> "honey" can be converted into real live food shipped to the door of
> your bunker so you can survive the fall of civilization.
> So join up now to get in at the top of the pyr- I mean colony!
> Beta spots are limited.

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