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[PhillyOnRails] meeting TONIGHT

After my last plea, we got a good number of RSVPs so it should be a good time as always tonight.

Pizza and drinks will be provided by Comcast.

As a final reminder, the info is below. Hope to see you all there.


PS: I'll unveil the new site tonight if there's time!

Colin A. Bartlett
Kinetic Web Solutions

On Jul 28, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Colin A. Bartlett wrote:


Just another reminder that our next meeting is scheduled for THIS Wednesday:

Wednesday, July 30th
6 PM to 9 PM as usual
Drexel University
RUSH Bldg. room 014

6 PM is the time that anyone with questions or needing help shows up. (And anyone who is able to come early and help those folks.) It's also just a general time to meet and greet. I'll also talk about the new PoR website we're cooking up.
7 PM I will be speaking about the Sinatra web framework.
8 PM Trotter Cashion will speak about ruby-debug

Our meeting is sponsored by Comcast who will be providing some refreshments. Thanks, Comcast!

PLEASE RSVP, if you would be so kind, to That way, we can tell our sponsor how many people to expect for food.

If you get lost, need directions, or generally have a last minute question you can call my cell phone, below.

area_code ='215')
nxx ='292')
station ='2193')
colins_cell = area_code + nxx + station

See you on Wednesday!

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