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[PhillyOnRails] Cloud Computing\Concurrency Conference: Several Rubyists will be Speaking

Registration is open for "Fall Forecast: Computing Among the Clouds,"
the fall conference sponsored by Chariot Solutions (my employer):

This cloud computing\concurrency conference will take place on Friday,
October 17, at the Penn State Great Valley Campus in Malvern.

A number of speakers on the roster are active in the Ruby community including:

-- MenTaLguY (wrote the fastthread library; actively contributes
concurrency policy code to  Rubinius and JRuby): In his talk,  "Going
Threadless",  he "will examine what threads are, the problems with
their use, the available alternatives to the explicit use of threads,
and the limitations of these alternatives."

-- Ezra Zygmuntowicz (created Merb; co-founded Engine Yard): The
abstract for his talk, "Be the Cloud" reads "In this talk we will
cover how to 'think' in terms of cloud computing. What are the new
challenges to overcome? We will discuss coordinating resources in the
cloud at large with our Vertebra technology as well as coordinating
your application in the cloud with RabbitMQ. Virtual Machines are the
new threads/processes, we will cover how this can impact the way you
design scalable applications meant to run in the cloud."

-- Local Rubyists Toby DiPasquale and Chris Cera will participate in a
panel discussion about using EC2 and S3 in production. Toby will also
be speaking about Hadoop.

Below my signature is a partial list of speakers and topics.

For more information and to register:


Topics and speakers include:

Amazon Web Services (Jeff Barr: Senior Evangelist, Amazon Web Services)

Going Threadless (MenTaLguY: wrote fastthread, active JRuby and
Rubinius contributor, co-founded Inkscape and lib2geom projects)

Google Spreadsheet as a Platform (Jonathan Rochelle: Group Product
Manager, Google)

Horizontal Scaling with HiveDB (Britt Crawford/Justin McCarthy:
co-founders of HiveDB and colleagues at

Panel Discussion: Real World Cloud Computing Experiences (Ken Rimple:
Software Architect, Chariot Solutions; Chris Cera: CTO, Vuzit; Toby
DiPasquale: Chief Architect, CubeTree)

Be the Cloud (Ezra Zygmuntowicz: creator of Merb, co-founder of Engine Yard)

Building Scalable Web Applications with Google App Engine (Joe
Gregorio: Developer Advocate, Google)

Enter the Elephant: Hadoop (Toby DiPasquale: Chief Architect, CubeTree)

Developing and Deploying Java Applications on the Amazon Elastic
Compute Cloud (Chris Richardson: author of POJOs in Action)
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