Geoffrey Young on 28 Jun 2004 15:44:15 -0000

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Re: YAPC 2005 proposals

>>so here's an idea - if people would like to take an afternoon and visit the
>>campus to see what it is like (if you haven't been there), grab some nachos
>>or something, and come home it might be fun.
> Good idea.  Maybe it would be a good Monday night social outing?

that probably could work.

> Otherwise it would have to be a Saturday or Sunday.  This weekend is
> probably bad because of the holiday, but I'd probably be able to make
> it any other time.

the weekends are going to be increasingly more difficult, with holidays,
summer vacations, and OSCon.  but I'm game if others are.

> Either way folks would need cars or carpools to get there.  Septa has
> spotty daily service to Newark (last train leaves at 7:21 PM) and no
> weekend service at all.

I wasn't aware that septa had service to newark at all - the last time I did
it via public transportation (um, how many years ago ;) it was the regional
to wilmington then a bus to newark.  or you could take the one amtrak train
a day that stopped there :)  in either case, the rail station is not within
reasonable walking distance to where we want to be on campus (IIRC).

so yes, we would need to carpool, for which I volunteer to take from 1 to 6
people (depending on whether I have the pickup available or a possibly new

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