Walt Mankowski on 18 Oct 2004 14:04:09 -0000

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REMINDER: October tech meeting tonight

Just a reminder that our October technical meeting is 7 PM tonight at
ISI.  We're doing lightning talks tonight.  The speakers are at least
myself and Mike Toren.  Eric Roode is probably doing a talk, too, but
I haven't heard back from him lately to confirm.  A few other people
told me they were thinking of giving talks.  If anyone else I haven't
mentioned wants to talk tonight, feel free.  We'll have plenty of
time. :)

One more thing -- I was planning on doing my talk on my powerbook, but
I left my VGA adaptor at home.  If anyone has an extra one they could
bring tonight, I'd appreciate it.  I've got the 12" G4 model.  Or if
anyone else is bringing their laptop, I could probably just use



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