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Re: July tech meeting



On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 08:48:00AM -0400, james.wismer@thomson.com wrote:
> FYI - I've got the meeting room reserved for us.
> Thanks.
> Jim  
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> Subject: July tech meeting
> I'm breaking with tradition and announcing our July tech meeting 2 1/2
> weeks in advance!
> Our meeting this month will be on Monday, July 25th at 7 PM.  We'll be
> at our usual location at Thompson Scientific (aka ISI) on Market
> between 34th and 36th.
> We'll have two speakers this month.  First, Sue Talbutt will talk
> about "Using Perl and XML in document parsing":
>   Topic: Using Perl and XML in document parsing
>   Overview of using some perl modules for parsing and creating XML
>   "Some" because a CPAN search for XML returns 989 modules, 120 of the
>   XML::Foo type, most less than version 1.0.
>   Outline:
>   -- Real uses of XML (RSS, web services, RecipeML, iPhoto)
>   -- Parsing XML
>           -- SAX
>           -- DOM
>   -- Perl modules for DOM, with example
>   -- Perl modules for writing XML, with example
>   -- Resources
>   And whatever other modules I can get my fingers into before then.
> Next, Mark-Jason Dominus will practice a talk entitled "You Can't Get
> There From Here" which he'll be giving at OSCON next month:
>   You Can't Get There From Here
>   Mark-Jason Dominus, Chief Programmer, Plover Systems Co.
>   Sometimes you hear people say that there's no point in trying to put
>   a certain feature into a program, because it's NP-complete. Or maybe
>   they said it was equivalent to the halting problem. Wait, aren't
>   those the same thing?
>   Dominus takes you through a quick tour of what it means to be
>   undecidable, NP-complete, and intractible, and what the differences
>   are. He discusses the implications for practical problems like array
>   bounds checking. He demonstrates the halting theorem, which says
>   that there are some things that just can't be computed, and Rice's
>   theorem, which says that there are hardly any things that can be
>   computed. He talks about hashing and encryption algorithms,
>   including how to generate unbreakable codes, how to prove that you
>   know a secret without revealing what it is, and how to flip a coin
>   over the telephone.
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