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Fwd: The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2007 is October 13-14, 2007.

PPW's coming up next weekend.  I'd like to practice my talks, and
maybe Geoff and John do, too.  How does next Tuesday or Wednesday
night work for people?


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Subject: The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2007 is October 13-14, 2007. 


It seems you are the contact man for:

*Philadelphia.pm <http://philly.pm.org/>* (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 
United States of America, North America)
Walt Mankowski <waltman at pobox.com>

Would you mind posting this to your Monger group?

Is there a Linux User Group or some other user group you think I should hit 
up for a plug?


The 2007 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is only 10 days

The Pittsburgh Perl Mongers are pleased to announce The PITTSBURGH PERL 
WORKSHOP, a two-day, low-cost conference on Saturday and Sunday, October 
13-14, 2007.

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is an annual conference dedicated to the Perl 
programming language. In 2006, the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers hosted the first 
Perl Workshop based in the United States. This year, the Workshop has been 
expanded to two days. The 2007 Workshop is structured as a series of short 
lectures, but the atmosphere is low key and engaging: the perfect 
combination to open your mind and then cram it full of good stuff.

After last year's conference you gave us lots of feedback, and we listened.
* The workshop was expanded to a two-day event to allow for more talks, 
birds-of-a-feather sessions, and social interactions.
* A one-day course for programmers with little or no Perl 
experience?-taught by a world-class Perl trainer?-was added.
* The schedule has been improved to allow you more flexibility in choosing 
sessions to attend.

Lightning Talks

There?s still time to get a third of your fifteen minutes of fame! Submit 
your lightning talk today. The deadline for early acceptance is one week 
before the conference (October 6). But if you have an idea on the first day 
of the conference, we?re holding at least two lightning talk spots until 
the end of that day. However, you have a much better chance of being 
accepted if submit your talk now.

Stay up to date with everything that's going on with the Perl Workshop by 
subscribing to our RSS feed at http://pghpw.org/ppw2007/atom/en.xml.

If you are coming to the Friday Social, RSVP at 

Full details are on the Workshop Web site at http://pghpw.org.

Hope to see you there.
Robert Blackwell

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