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Re: [MPSIG-L] [MPSIG] "How to destroy a database" this coming Saturday at 10:30 at Cheyney University

Thanks again to everyone who came out on Saturday.  In case anyone
couldn't make it, xkcd published an abridged version today:



On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 08:56:24AM -0400, John Ashmead wrote:
> Saturday, 10/6 at 10:30am, the Macintosh Programming SIG (MPSIG) will be 
> doing "How to destroy a database!" with myself assisted by Walt Mankowski.  
> We'll be covering SQL injection and other ways to attack a database, using 
> perl and other fiendish tools.
> Reminder:  new date & time:  we are meeting the first Saturday of this 
> month at 10:30am at Cheyney University, in the Duckery social sciences 
> building room #117.
> Deivy has arranged for us to have this space & he will be waiting for 
> people (thanks Deivy!).
> We'll start with Q & A then move onto the talk proper at about 10:45 or 
> 10:50, which will be informal:  we'll have some slides but leave plenty of 
> time for back & forth.  We'll run about two hours total, more or less.
> If anyone has a laptop they can bring that would be great; my Mac G3 is 
> usually not too good at working with strange projectors.  I'll have my part 
> of the talk on a CD as a pdf, so it should be compatible with everything.  
> Thanks!
> See you Saturday!
> Cheers,
> John
> John Ashmead
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