Jim Parker on 5 Apr 2008 05:04:14 -0700

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RE: bulk email?

>> In a word "Mailman"

> Thanks very much for your reply; I should have been more clear. 
> Ordinarily, I'd agree, but the "dynamic" part of this is the important 
> part.  Each week, that week's employees get an email reminding them of 
> their own hours for the week, meaning that a) the list of recipients is 
> different each week, and b) the emails are unique to each person.  I 
> typically use HTML::Template for this sort of thing (along with the 
> afore-mentioned Mail::Sendmail), but while I was looking into this I 
> found MIME::Lite::TT, which obviously uses TT, and I'm not opposed to that.

> Perhaps a better question would now be "I've come across this MIME::Lite 
>  module that seems to use Net::SMTP when using a nonlocal smtp server. 
>  Can this duo be trusted not to bork the server when sending out a few 
> thousand emails in rapid succession?"

We use Mail::Bulkmail and Mail::Bulkmail::Dynamic for a similar thing 
-- customized renewal reminders. to a few thousand members, with a
variable message depending on different attributes. Fast, and steady.

You might want to look into it.